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ElitePartner is the leading dating platform in Germany, probably also due to its very high success rate. Since 2005 it is even TÜV certified, among other things due to the data protection. As the name already says, on this platform mainly academic members are to be found, whereby it differs from many others on the Dating market. In Germany alone, ElitePartner has 3,800,000 members, 54% of whom are women and 46% men.

And because all this sounds almost too good, we couldn’t help but ask ourselves: fraud or serious? This review will show.

Our experience with the seriousness of ElitePartner

As mentioned above, one of the great advantages of this platform is that it stands out from the crowd of online dating portals simply because it is primarily made up of members with an academic degree. The fact that 50,000 singles are active each week in Germany alone speaks for itself. Thus, as promised in the advertisements, educated singles are actually found there at a high level. The question still arises as to how the company deals with fake profiles, or whether ElitePartner even has such profiles. We did some research and came across this information: ElitePartner’s customer service checks every single profile, manually and by hand, for its correctness, so that fake profiles and other black sheep have no chance on this site. Thus also Abzocke is completely impossible.

For the partner search thus only those are permitted, which fit with the values and the Slogan of the enterprise (university graduates and Singles with level). Seriousness is written here still largely and thus it comes at all only to the fact that ElitePartner enjoys such a good reputation under the Dating portals.

The deposited data must thus not only agree, which would be serious enough in itself, but also those serious intentions pursue, for which the side is finally meant. On really good days up to 7,000 new members announce themselves, which means for the customer support to have to do all hands fully to have, but always with the goal before eyes to offer their members the best quality.

We’d like to point out that an entire team works seven days a week to take a close look at each new profile and evaluate it personally so that fake profiles don’t stand a chance. Who should not be safe with a contact times, can turn to the customer support: They will help you at any time. We couldn’t confirm anywhere that such fake profiles are used by ElitePartner to acquire new customers, and therefore consider this to be a rumour circulating on the net. Accordingly, our conclusion is clear: ElitePartner is secure (see TÜV), serious and cares about its members.

Video preview of ElitePartner

In the following video you will find our experiences with ElitePartner in the summary. We’ll also show you how the registration works and show you the first steps with the provider.

Now take a look at the video to get a preview of ElitePartner:

The offer at a glance

ElitePartner primarily offers serious contacts with a high level of education who are looking for something solid. The target group begins with young 18 years and goes up to the 55+, whereby the target group of the 35-44 year old is still the main actors. The average age is with the women with 41 years and with the men with 38 years. The profiles are altogether very clear and one can see even without Premium membership for example the occupation, whereby one becomes conscious of the academic density of the members fast.

The ElitePartner principle is completely simple. It is based on various studies that have shown that a relationship lasts the longest and makes you happiest when both partners have a similarly high level of education. In addition, it is essential that the values and goals of life match. Every fourth of the approximately 3,000 members who register with ElitePartner on average every day is rejected. The criteria for this are quite obvious: racism, lewdness and inappropriate vocabulary are exclusion criteria in order to maintain the membership structure in the interests of the company. A profile that is filled out incompletely or contradictory details that cast doubt on the seriousness of the member are also a criterion for exclusion.

If you first want to have a look around and don’t want to invest any money in finding a partner, ElitePartner gives you the opportunity to register for free. You can already make use of a number of services, including the scientific personality test, which takes about 20 minutes. This is based on multiple choice answers and provides the foundation for the partner suggestions you receive. This allows the search to begin without spending a single cent. After the evaluation of the test, about 200 qualified partner suggestions flutter in, whose matches are measured on the basis of so-called matching points.

The trial subscription gives you a very good first impression of ElitePartner. If you notice that it is something for you, you can use all other services against payment. It’s definitely worth it if you’re serious about finding a partner via this platform, because only now can you write private messages and exchange information – in private. That takes place unlimitedly, also concerning the photos. If one did not find the correct one yet, different search functions are offered, which lead to the dream partner. Thus one can search in the direct periphery and in the own region, in addition, other important criteria such as smoker/nonsmoker or also child desire from the outset consider. Due to the personality test such a search with ElitePartner is unnecessary however nearly by itself.

Actions for new customers

Who searches, who finds! And that does not only refer to the partner search, but also to actions and coupons of single exchanges, with which one can save cash money; one must feed only the search machine of its confidence with key words such as “action”, “coupon”, “discount” and do not forget thereby the key term ElitePartner, already open itself to offers like in September 2015, with which one can save 135€ with conclusion of an annual membership. If that’s not an offer!

Ebenso there are other offers where you pay the 3-month subscription and get the 4th month for free. Straight around Christmas time one should keep still times more the eyes open, because to the celebration of the love the partner search is particularly largely written, why still times more offers are to be found.

Were you already aware that ElitePartner offers special actions for under 30-year old and however-educating? You can take advantage of these discounts on the company’s website under “Services”.

Costs and methods of payment

As mentioned at the beginning, ElitePartner offers some free services at the beginning, including registration and the scientific personality test as well as its evaluation. You can also set search criteria and receive and send greetings. However, as soon as you want to make personal contact with an interested party, you have to take out a subscription that costs less per month if you register for a longer period of time. The costs of a Premium membership look as follows:

The prices begin from 69.95 € monthly, if one registers for 3 months. If you double this period, the month costs from 54,90 € upwards. The Abo for a whole year costs starting from 39,90 ? and two years only 24,90 ? per month.

The discounts for a longer period are thus enormous and can be seen. Payment methods can be freely chosen; ElitePartner offers many different options: EC card, PayPal or via credit card – whether VISA, Master Card or American Express.

The cancellation of a membership must be in writing and 4 weeks before the end of the subscription. If you miss this date, the subscription will be automatically extended. If you want to be on the safe side, you can submit your cancellation directly after registration. If you want to register again afterwards, you can simply reactivate your old profile, save yourself the new settings and can immediately start again.

Privacy and data protection

ElitePartner protects your identity by replacing the real name with a cipher. This means that you remain 100% anonymous and that no data is passed on that allows conclusions to be drawn about you. Likewise, photos are only visible here if you wish it yourself.

The platform offers high standards in terms of security – it was not for nothing that it was the first online dating agency to be awarded the TÜV seal of approval [email protected] In issue 3/11 of Stiftung Warentest, you can also read that the handling of customer data is exemplary.

You choose the data you release as a member yourself and also determine who can view which photos and information. This can only be done by registered members who have a premium account.

If you want to delete your profile, it can be done quickly with a few clicks and the profile will be removed from the search. If you then decide to reactivate your profile, you can do so with just a few clicks: You sign up for a new subscription and have the advantage that you do not have to repeat the test and the personal data and interests are online again.

customer service

As already mentioned, ElitePartner attaches great importance to customer service. The coworkers are 7 days in the week by Mail and also by telephone attainable and accept themselves to the request time near. Whether one means now to have discovered a Fake profile or with an automated refusal not to assign to be able: a Mail is sufficient and one worries personally about the personal affair. There are still real people at work here and this will have an important reason for the success of the company. The Kundenservice is free of charge, the response times fast and the team competently.


The side is to be served also for humans simply, who do not live in the Internet and have a life outside of the net. The registration is made step by step and is very simple. The personality test is also not time-consuming with 20 minutes and by the multiple choice selection one selects one of several suggested answers. Within a few minutes the profile is already online and that in only 5 registration steps. After that you should still take the time to maintain the profile and upload meaningful photos. Also here the support has an eye on the fact that one introduces oneself as best as possible, so that one is made attentive to it, if a snapshot does not appear ideal as a profile picture.

The first partner suggestions, calculated on the basis of common interests in Matching Points, are made immediately after registration. The search functions also offer many different search criteria. Whether smoker/nonsmoker or also from the closer environment: Here one can search and be found.

Mobile App

As soon as all this stands, one can download oneself additionally the App and chat comfortably from the Smartphone or Tablet from the sofa and exchange oneself with interesting humans. The apps are available for all common operators (iOS, Android, Blackberry) and can be downloaded free of charge. The following functions can be used via the app: view your own profile and partner suggestions, receive and send greetings, see interested parties who have visited the profile and receive push notifications for new messages and interested parties. As a Premium Member you can also receive and send unlimited messages and photos privately. With the app you have the most important functions at a glance and are not dependent on staying at your computer to find a partner. Whether in the park or in a café: With the app you can deepen your search and ongoing conversations anywhere and at any time. With the iPad, you can also adjust the search criteria and browse through the partner suggestions. As a Premium Member, you can also read and send partner queries and use the map function, which allows you to search for a radius. Since the app is free of charge, you can use the platform free of charge on several devices depending on your preference.


Initially, the question was whether ElitePartner is a reputable provider for online partner search. In the course of the test it became clear that there is no better provider in Germany. Premium membership is subject to a fee, but ElitePartner offers its users the certainty that there are no black sheep on the site. The support that is available 24/7 is particularly convincing, as is the fact that the members are hand-picked and tested. In terms of data protection and security, there are not many on the market who can offer and guarantee such high quality. Therefore our result: ElitePartner is absolutely respectable and who is seriously on the search, should try its luck exactly here!


First of all: ElitePartner would like to distinguish itself gladly by particularly selected public. Whether this is possible, I do not know. Why? Quite simply, the prices are only slightly higher than with comparable agencies such as eDarling. For a membership of three months I only pay 55 Euro per month, which is sometimes much higher with competition agencies. In my opinion, this does not separate the wheat from the chaff. What is correct, however, is that the public generally makes a high-quality impression. I find educated people who really want to find a new partner and are not just looking for quick sex. That is generally really very good and makes also fun the stories of the whole humans to hear and experience, what they do so. I believe for the correct upper class with exclusively correctly successful humans it needs still another agency which costs somewhat more and is still more respectable however ElitePartner is already very well suitable for me.

written 48 months ago


Okay, ElitePartner is not quite so cheap. But the service and the offer are outstanding, for it I pay very gladly somewhat more. I already got to know my last girlfriend through ElitePartner and now, after this relationship has broken down, I try again through the online service. In my opinion, the chances of success are already very high.

written 46 months ago