Sports Betting Scam: New Trend Are Ghost Games

In recent years, the sports betting industry has regularly been able to record record revenues and its sales have eclipsed numerous other industries. That is naturally also a first-class nutrient shelf for criminals, who appear ever more imaginatively.

Ghost games are to bring millions

The classical match Fixing with the sport bets in the last years a little into the background geraten. From the criminals’ point of view, it is too expensive to bribe the players or those responsible – so a new solution has been found: The so-called ghost games.

For this the criminals use a certain gap, namely from the transmission of the events on the court to the betting provider. The so-called ghost games are invented, where in reality no real games are played. The criminals transfer now only the wrong data to the bet offerers and can collect their profits. The problem of the authorities: The techniques are meanwhile well-known, only it is enormously difficult to be able to prove the perpetrators also actually a fraud.