Easymarkets Experiences

If you want to invest successfully in the markets, you need a capable online broker. Beside a fair and effective handling of the trade it depends thereby in addition, on the offer approximately around the trade. The selection at on-line Brhaokern is large, so that for the investors the possibility results of selecting the best offerer. It depends first of all naturally on the own requirements, which each investor should clear itself. Who knows which he wants, can search purposefully for an optimal offer. So that this search falls more easily, we tested the on-line Broker easyMarkets and beside the trade offer also further aspects took into the view. The focus was also on questions about the quality of the support services and the opportunities for individual further training. And since it is central condition for the trade to deposit sufficiently money on a trade account, it depends also on the fact that neither fraud nor Abzocke must be feared. We looked at this offerer in a detailed test once more near and asked ourselves thereby beside the concrete offers also the question whether it concerns a respectable offerer on whom the investors can fully rely.

These experiences we made with easyMarkets

It is not at all so long ago, there the possibilities for private persons in the stock exchange trade to participate were limited to communicate by telephone a coworker of the bank an order, which was then still executed on the same day. On the other hand, it was unthinkable to have a trade like the one the stock exchange professionals carried out on a daily basis. This has changed fundamentally in the meantime. In addition to the possibility of buying shares and capital market products oneself via an online custody account, there are also more and more providers offering trading in professional products and instruments. So-called CFD brokers, such as easyMarkets, make it very easy for investors to trade not only currencies but also commodities and indices, using high financial levers. In the case of easyMarkets, the maximum leverage is 1:30.  Thus, high profits are also possible in a very short time. As is well known, these opportunities are offset by risks that should not be underestimated. Investors who opt for this type of trading will, however, find a comprehensive range of support in the form of good information and educational opportunities for trading. An ideal connection of convincing trade offer and effective training further possibilities is ordered, which will learn to estimate not only a risers. Because easyMarkets also has a lot to offer for advanced traders, as our test has shown. This initially includes a wide range of underlyings, with the focus on currency pairs. In addition, customers can rely on competent support, which is available in several languages and helps quickly and competently with questions or problems. However no offer is found in German language, so that English knowledge is an important condition.

easyMartkets: Serious or not?

Even if most investors are interested primarily in the offer and the conditions, should be clarified after our experiences also the question about the seriosity thoroughly. Because the best offer is of little use at the end, if the offerer does not deal responsibly with the money entrusted to it. If certain basic standards are not adhered to, the investor always runs the risk of losing his deposits. It is also important, of course, to know that trading can be expected to be conducted fairly. The online broker easyMarkets is based in Cyprus, so European regulations apply here. The regulatory authority CySec ensures that these are also complied with. Against this background, the company must comply with European consumer protection regulations. This means that the highest priority must be given to fair treatment and the protection of deposits. For example, it is mandatory that products be presented as transparently as possible so that customers can clearly identify opportunities and risks. In order to guarantee the protection of deposits, it is also stipulated that customers’ deposits must be deposited in separate accounts. The fact that customer funds and working capital of the online broker are not kept together means that customers’ capital remains untouched in the event of a company’s insolvency and, in principle, customers can continue to dispose of it. Due to these extensive specifications and measures, customers can feel very safe with easyMarkets. Fraud or rip-off definitely do not have to be feared.

Trade at favourable conditions

In the following sections, we would like to take a closer look at the trading offer that investors can expect from easyMarkets. In principle, currencies as well as commodities and indices can be traded. Equities, on the other hand, are not available. This means that the online broker makes additional capital available for each trade, so that even small price changes can have a greater impact. However, the high chances of profit are of course offset by the risk of loss. How high the respective leverage is depends on the individual underlying asset and is determined by the online broker. Investors therefore do not have the option of flexibly determining the leverage for trading. The leverage used is between 1:2 and 1:30, depending on the underlying:

The following table gives an overview of the leverage:

The same applies to the spreads. These also vary from underlying to underlying and can also fluctuate over the course of the day. However, the provider easyMarkets claims to be the leader in the spreads offered, i.e. to offer the cheapest trade. Beyond this spread no further costs or fees have to be expected. Neither for account management nor for deposits and withdrawals are any fees charged by easyMarkets.

The trading offer is broadest in the area of currencies or currency pairs. Initially, 135 different currency pairs are available for trading. This number alone shows that the range of tradable combinations goes far beyond the known majors. But of course, combinations of the most important currencies such as the US dollar, euro, Japanese yen and British pound can be traded first. In addition, the Scandinavian currencies are available in various combinations. You can also trade the Polish zloty, the Turkish lira or the South African rand. A special feature of the easyMarkets offer is that so-called vanilla options can also be bought and sold via the platform. The four majors as well as many other currencies and commodities can also be accessed.

The selection of commodities is also very broad. For the sake of clarity, these are subdivided into energy, agriculture and metals, with more than five values available in each segment. This means that different types of oil can be traded, as can natural gas. For agricultural products, grain, cotton, cocoa, sugar or wheat, but also soybeans are on the price list and among the precious metals, palladium, copper and platinum are available in addition to gold and silver. The metals can also be traded in different currencies. Finally, we would like to take a look at indices, which in our experience are also very suitable for leveraged trading. This is because, unlike equities, we can expect less price volatility here, which makes them much more predictable for trading. The available indices offer investors a very broad spectrum of investment opportunities. In this way, you can bet on the values of different countries and regions of the world. The indices of all leading economic nations such as Japan, Germany, Great Britain and, of course, the USA are available. Furthermore, the leading indices of China and Switzerland are offered for trading. All in all, investors who want to specialize in trading currencies, commodities and indices have the very best prerequisites with easyMarkets according to our experience.

Deposit Bonus and various other bonus options

The easyMarkets broker also offers his customers a number of bonus options and a real deposit bonus is included. Depending upon height of the first deposit thereby an additional credit is granted to the customers, which can be used in the trade. However, it is not possible to withdraw this additional credit. And even if the investor withdraws a part of its deposits again, the bonus amount is shortened accordingly. Until the investor can be paid out the bonus amount as well as the profits achieved with it, it is a prerequisite that sufficient turnover has been achieved in trading. Specifically, the following bonus amounts can be expected. From a deposit of 100 euros, the customer receives a bonus of 30 percent. From a deposit of 200 Euro the bonus increases to 50 percent and from a first deposit of 1,000 Euro or more 40 percent is possible. In addition the investors can earn themselves with easyMarkets after our experiences somewhat in addition, if they convince friends of the advantages of this on-line broker and win as new customers. Depending upon height of the deposit, which the applied customer actively, profits also the whistleblower. From a deposit of 200 Euro, there is an additional 50 Euro trading credit. With higher deposits, higher bonus payments are also possible. If the new customer pays in more than 2,000 euro, the old customer receives even 500 euro bonus. It is worthwhile itself thus also to speak in the acquaintance circle about the advantages of easyMarkets.

For deposit and withdrawal there are numerous methods available

Both to earn the bonus, and to start trading at all, it is necessary to first deposit sufficient trading capital on the account of easyMarkets. Already starting from a minimum deposit of only 25 euro can be entered into the trade. In our test we saw that no fees are charged by the online broker for deposits and withdrawals. For deposits but also for withdrawals there are a number of possibilities available. In our experience, the cheapest way to make a deposit is to use a credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and American Express. The main advantage of this payment method is its speed. Just a few seconds after the payment process has been completed via the easyMarkets account, the money is available on the trading account. However, if you do not want to pay by credit card, there are various online providers that offer additional options. Among others, the providers Skrill, Neteller, sofort or Webmoney can be used. Here, too, a short delay can usually be expected before the money is received in the trading account. On the other hand, it takes the longest to make a deposit by bank transfer. The same methods are of course also available for the payout. For this it is however first necessary that the investor proves its identity with a document of identification. It is sufficient if a copy is sent by email to easyMarkets. In our experience, these processes function extremely reliably.

Regulation by Cypriot CySec ensures security

As already mentioned, easyMarkets is a regulated provider. On this basis the investors can go surely that they have to do it with a respectable on-line broker. Under license number 079/07 easyMarkets is registered with CySec in Cyprus. This authority ensures that important standards in customer protection are observed. A loss of the deposits as well as fraud and rip-off are excluded on this basis.

Good support in English language

Even if easyMarkets offers its services exclusively via the Internet, it is of course possible at any time to contact the company in case of questions or problems. And not only with technical problems the investors find a suitable partner. Even if there is reason to complaints, the customers find an appropriate email address, over which the request can be brought forward. The online broker guarantees to react within five days of receiving a complaint at the latest. While possible complaints are best made in writing, it is also possible to contact a member of the service department directly. For this purpose, a telephone number is offered which can be used to call the head office in Cyprus directly. However, investors should be able to communicate sufficiently in English. A live chat is also offered to get in touch with easyMarkets. Also here the communication takes place in English.

Well opened web page – flexible trade with App possible

All in all a lot of information is made available to the investors by easyMarkets over the English web page. Before contacting the customer service it is advisable to inform yourself about the website. Altogether the offer is very extensive but never unclear. In addition to a list of all tradable underlyings, there are detailed explanations of the bonus offers. Numerous questions are answered in the FAQ area and a separate blog deals with the most important terms and developments in trading with the products. Absolutely worth mentioning is also the offer in the area of further education and information. Here the investors have the possibility of looking purposefully for offers, which correspond to their respective knowledge conditions. Suitable contents can be found for beginners as well as for advanced learners. The offering includes e-books, training videos, a trade simulator and regularly published articles on the foreign exchange market. In this way, investors can prepare themselves for trading in the best possible way. Those who still do not dare to trade directly have the opportunity to test the platform via a demo account. And mobile trading can also be very well familiarized in this way. One app each for iOS and Android is available to investors for free download. The mobile offer is based on the Web Trader and requires only a minor conversion from the user. All functions and underlying values can thus be used via the mobile device.

Fazit – easyMarkets is the specialist for currency and commodity trading

With easyMarkets, we have tested an online broker that offers its customers an absolutely comprehensive programme. Begun of the commercial offer, which has its emphasis with the foreign exchange and currency pairs, easyMarkets convinces particularly by numerous offers approximately around the trade. First of all, there is the extensive educational offer, which on the one hand enables easy access for inexperienced traders. Beyond that in addition, many contents are in addition, which address themselves to Trader with knowledge. The platform, which is made available for the trade, functions excellently. In addition, the MetaTrader can be downloaded and installed on the computer. If, contrary to expectations, there should be problems in trading, there is also the possibility of turning to a competent and fast support. However, as with the contents of the website, English skills must be used. Last but not least, our test has shown that it is a reputable provider who deals with the data and also with the deposits of customers in a trustworthy manner. Fraud or rip-off do not have to be feared.


Actually I thought I could get a demo account at easyMarkets. But that does not exist, at least not for a longer period of time. There is, however, a guest account for 60 minutes, in which I have tried myself out and tried out. That worked out well. That’s why I registered. Well done everything.

written 37 months ago


The stock market is a true phenomenon in which I always wanted to participate. For this reason I have opened an account at easyMarkets in the meantime and can get a first taste of the stock market. It gives me a lot of pleasure to trade – especially because the broker is outstandingly good.

written 35 months ago


Finding a good broker who also offers a great and easy to reach bonus is immensely difficult. But then I came across easyMarkets who offered me a bonus of 50 percent on my first deposit. Really great!

written 23 months ago