Play Sugar Trail Slot: Quickspin Automat For Free Here

sugar shock and winnings!

game description

diabetics watch out: This game is sugar sweet and filled with wins! Quickspin has followed in the footsteps of the land of milk and honey and released the slot machine “Sugar Trail”. The optics are pinkish-red with sugar and should not only please sweet toothers! Especially female players will have their fun with the pastel-coloured jelly bears that hop through the picture in “Sugar Trail” and make themselves comfortable with sweets and sweets on the rolls. We don’t know if Quickspin was really inspired by the land of milk and honey, but that’s how we imagine it. According to legend, milk and honey flow in the land of milk and honey (Jack Daniels would do it for us too), all houses are built of pieces of cake, and hard work is considered a sin (my boss should read this here…). “Sugar Trail” is the ideal slot machine for sugar-addicted players who want to boost their endorphin level! So, on your marks, done and eaten through the cake mountain: the winnings don’t wait!

Technical features

“Sugar Trail” is the perfect answer to King’s “Candy Crush”, because just like the incredibly popular game, “Sugar Trail” can also be played on mobile devices and has also used the visually appealing candy theme. So it’s almost impossible to escape the addictive game. Anytime, anywhere, players can challenge their luck and tickle the winnings out of the bears.

“Sugar Trail” takes the player into a world made of sweets, lollipops and cotton candy. Beside the five rotating roles there are lots of sweets lying around and in the background there is a castle like you know it from any fairy tale book. There are several symbols on the reels, which are just as colourful as the rest of the game. On the one hand there are the numbers and letters that appear again and again from a deck of cards. On the other hand, pastel-coloured gummi bears with crowns hop around on the rollers. There are green, purple and blue. They represent the bear king, the bear queen and the bear prince. As soon as you land a prize, there’s an ink that reminds you a bit of a game show. What’s a bit missing is entertaining music in the background. Except for some very quiet sounds in the background, the game is already very quiet. The player can choose the smallest bet, which is €0.40 or more, and raise the bet up to €80. There are 40 paylines and the RTP rate is 96.5%, so it’s very good!

bonuses and winnings

Of course it’s best to have the Gummi Bears on the reels because they promise higher winnings. The card symbols appear more frequently, but pay out much less. If the blue gummi bear appears on reels 3, 4 and 5 during an additional three-reel game, you immediately win a round of cash. If the purple Gummi Bear King appears, you can get free spins. The Wild symbol is a candy heap and can give the player a useful advantage to increase his chances.

When the green Gummi Bear lands on reels 2, 3, and 4, there is a Respin Bonus.

Although we don’t usually like pink and frosting, we love “Sugar Trail”! The idea behind it was excellently realized, the graphics and animations are excellent. The fact that you can also play on mobile devices makes it even sweeter for us. A little tip: provide chocolate and sweets, then playing is even more fun!