Stockpair Advertises With Kiko Options – New Trading Instrument Available!


is a broker based in Cyprus within the EU offering numerous trading options. Currently, the Stockpair homepage advertises that a new trading instrument is to be introduced. This is called Kiko-Option and will be presented on the homepage via video. The video to Kiko-Optionen is also in German language anschaubar.

What is Kiko-Optionen and what distinguishes it on?

Who decides for the trade of options, must usually determine an expiration time. It is possible, for example, that an option with a term of 3 minutes or a day can be selected. With Stockpair now the possibility exists that by the Kiko options without an expiration time can be traded. In practice, this means that the trader can trade without any problems and without having to worry about how long the option will run.

The trading of the Kiko options can be done directly on the mobile phone. This means that the trader chooses an asset and for example chooses the Euro / Dollar rate. The app now displays an upper and a lower price target. The trader taps on which target will be reached first. If e.g. on the reaching of the higher goal one taps and this is reached, is spoken of a Knock in and the Trader receives the full payout.

If however the lower goal is reached, it concerns a Knock Out in such a way specified and there is no payout. In the technical jargon it means that the option runs out from the money .

In the comparison to other options this has no expiration time. The option is maintained until the upper or lower limit is reached. Thus, the trader can either reach his desired goal very quickly or very slowly.

What investment opportunities do traders have with Stockpair?

The broker Stockpair waves with a yield of up to 85% and thus contributes to the fact that accordingly online trading can be done without problems. Binary options and pairs can also be traded digitally with the help of the app. Stockpair provides more than 70 different stocks as well as currencies and commodities as underlyings.

Which risk is behind Stockpair and how serious is the broker?

The broker Stockpair is located within the European Union and more precisely on Cyprus. Thus a regulation by the CySEC takes place. It should be noted that the broker offers extensive support. This can be noticed for example by telephone and by email. Furthermore Stockpair also offers a support via live chat, which can be perceived directly via the homepage of the broker, if there are any questions about the offer.

Payments can be made to the account at Stockpair without problems e.g. via credit card. Especially the MasterCard and Visa credit cards are gladly accepted. In addition there is the possibility that numerous payment service providers like Neteller, Skrill or Maestro are accepted and can be used for the deposit as well as for the payment of credit balances.

The minimum deposit at Stockpair is 250 Euro. The trade is possible from a sum of 20 Euro. The trading account can be held in the currency Euro, but also in the currencies US Dollar and British Pound. The broker is thus very flexibly set up and the trade is also with smaller sums without large expenditures to operate to must problem-free possible.