Old-Established Casinos Are Being Squeezed Out Of The Online Market

Donald Trump had already felt it in 2014, when his casino chain got into a spin and finally had to file for bankruptcy. The online market is slowly but surely outstripping the old-established casinos and creating a new hierarchy. This area of gambling has been growing continuously for years and is pushing the traditional gambling institutions more and more against the wall. Not only do the high-gloss gamblers’ stalls in the Nevada desert get to feel this, but the German market is also getting more and more into a sweat and is making the operators of the traditional casinos sweat.

No end to growth in sight

The growth of the industry is no end in sight at present, as annual sales worldwide in the online sector rose from 7.3 billion to 37.6 billion US dollars between 2003 and 2013, reports the Schwäbische Post. According to forecasts, the 60 billion mark will already be crossed in 2018.

This is unlikely to please the owners of real casinos in particular, as the online business in Germany already caught up with the offline business in 2009. A reversal of this trend seems almost impossible. On the contrary: more and more providers are overrunning the market with additional mobile offers and chasing away customers from the classic casinos in no time at all.

Online offers unrivalled

One reason for the sharp growth in online business is likely to be the fact that in an online game no one simply has to stand at a gaming table with their evening attire, but can simply be gambled in jogging pants from the sofa. In addition, the generous offers of the Online Casinos – like for example a bonus over 400 per cent or similar – outdo the old-established gaming houses. These simply cannot keep up with such offers, since they have higher costs to cover.